How Online Videos will Save the Economy

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Results only happen because of action. Let’s start a global conversation about this idea. Your action on this could start a revolution that will change the way people live and earn money. A revolution that would give people all over the world the ability to earn money from their god-given talent, their experiences, and knowledge. How freeing is that?


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As you read blogs or news articles that you think the Free 2 Earn 4Ever idea could help with, leave a comment. If you view a video online, leave a comment of how much people would pay to watch it.

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Free 2 Earn 4Ever is an idea that anyone should have the ability to upload a video about anything*, put a price on it, and sell it to anyone that is willing to pay to watch it.

In other words, online videos should be treated as products. By doing so, it will fix the economy FAST and give people from all levels of the current class structure endless opportunities to earn a living from their in born talents, skills, and experiences.

The Free 2 Earn 4Ever book was written by S.J. August. A few years ago, S.J. August was struck with an idea that is described in the book. Struggling to determine how to bring the idea forward, S.J. August resorted to writting it in a book. In book form, the idea would be forever documented and used as a guide for all to reference.